Baby, it’s cold outside!



The temperature is suppose to drop tonight and tomorrow. I am ready! I am actually looking forward to curling up by the fireplace with my dogs and knitting.

As you can see, I have my loom out. I needle knitted a couple of scarves for Christmas gifts, I also knitted three scarves for one of my children and several pairs of fingerless gloves. Now it is time for me to be selfish and knit myself a scarf!!

I have seen some of the hate posts on Tumbler when it comes to loom knitting. I really can’t understand the reasoning behind it. As long as we enjoy what we are doing and have a hobby we love, does it matter how we make our things? No, especially when it’s not hurting anyone else!! And what business is it of theirs how we make our hats?

I say crochet on, knit on and loom on!! And if you are getting hit by this cold, stay warm and please bring your pets inside!