Starting out!



As I was shopping my favorite book store, I came across this book on clearance for only $5. (I am also a bargain shopper!) I looked through it and discovered this is the exact book I needed if I wanted to learn crochet. It has all the stitches and great photos with easy directions, something this gal needs!! (As you can see, I have marked the pages that I know I will be turning to for reference!) I realized all the scary patterns and abbreviations were actually easy to understand after I started reading my book. I am now feeling more confident.

I have another book that I bought several years ago.

I actually forgot that I had it! While going through my books, I came upon it! It gives directions on how to form circles, squares and so much more. I use both books together when I practice. (I need practice before I start on any project!) The other day, I practiced making squares.

Totally nailed it! (Not!) Thankfully I can laugh at myself and had fun with this square. As you can see, I need to master it before I can crochet an afghan that is gift worthy!

Happy crocheting!!